With the coordination of the Director of Property Services at Melco Resorts & Entertainment, alumnus Leong Choi Wai, the Alumni and Development Office (ADO) and the Centre for Science and Engineering Promotion of Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) co-organized a group visit to the House of Dancing Water at City of Dreams recently, more than 50 UM members joined the visit. This activity aims to provide a site visit opportunity for UM staff and students who interested in pursuing stage mechanical jobs after graduation to explore the stage operational works of the world-renowned theatre show, which could let them know about the entry requirements of the positions and better prepare themselves to enter the workforce in the near future.

The UM delegation received a warm welcome from the Director of Human Resources Department, Ms. Olivia Lei and her team members. The Entertainment Technical Director of the House of Dancing Water, Mr. James Frederick Hardwick and his team members led the delegation to visit the beating heart of the theater rarely seen by the public, which allow them to have an insider’s look at the stage operational works (including the works of the  lighting, sound, mechanical and diving team). They also introduced the stage design, special effects and engineering installations to the delegation. Moreover, representatives of different teams also shared their work experiences with the delegation.

The delegation includes Director of ADO, Ms. Cindy Lam; Director of Centre for Science and Engineering Promotion, Prof. Tam Kam Weng; Head of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Prof. Wong Man Chung; Associate Prof. Choi Wai Wa and Assistant Prof. Wong Chi Kong from FST.